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What's a Make-roscope®?

Proven to be effective during online classes, even a piece of pivotal laboratory equipment for Filipino students as they explore and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) during face-to-face classes.


The Make-roscope is an affordable, ultra-portable keychain microscope that can be placed on the front camera of any smartphone or tablet, magnifying organisms from 125X to 400X. The Make-roscope provides an alternative to compound light microscopes which are used by over 12 million Filipino students per year.





“Kits” are introduced and combined with the Make-roscope where prepared specimen slides, and accessories to obtain samples such as pipettes, tweezers, and tubes are included in the said kit.


Currently, over 3000 Filipino students and teachers are using the keychain microscope.


zyro-image (1).png


All new Make-roscope 2023!


Small form factor

You can easily store, bring and use the Make-roscope to any location without the need of a tedious set-up.


No need for additional stickers, fasteners or adhesive to secure on top of your smartphone


Directly placed on smartphone

There is no need to look upward and peek directly into the lens to view samples that causes neck strains. The Make-roscope takes advantage of the front camera which is directly placed on the screen of the smartphone and acts as the user’s viewfinder

All in one laboratory kit

Contains everything you need to view microscopic organisms, inside a high-quality tin can

Push to focus

Adjust the focus and find the best image by simply pressing down the glass slide against the new FlexiFocus arms

What can be seen?

The gallery below shows different sample slides under the Make-roscope. Magnification of images may vary from 125X-400X. Slides ranges from biology to histology.