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How to use

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zoom up to 400x!

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How to use the
Make-roscope 2023

Simplest Method

Make-roscope + tablet + sample slide = Success! Without additional electronics, accessories, and moving parts-- Unlock the microscopic world!

Tip on how to capture the sharpest image (Filipino Version)

A little bit of learning curve

Although the Make-roscope looks simple, there's still a learning curve. There are factors to obtain the best image such as lighting, lens placement, and the distance of the slide.

View cheek cell under 40 seconds!

An experiment easily done at home

By just using your smartphone, Make-roscope, cotton buds, and glass slide, you're now able to see cheek cells (Squamous Epithelium) without using a light compound microscope! Identify its parts such as nucleus and cytoplasm.

Microscopic life in a drop of water!

Another experiment can be done at home

A single drop of aquarium water contains so much life. Different microscopic organisms such as Euglena and Paramecium can be seen!

Viewing Blood Smears (Stained)

Make the most out of your front camera

Is it possible to view white and red blood cells? Yes definitely! Just follow these steps and you're all set.

Still looking for more?

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